Tandy Family Rules

Please ignore how my two sections didn't quite line up.  :)
A friend of mine got me started on www.pinterest.com, which is a website that makes it easy for me to keep track of all the cool things I find online.  It also allows me to see other things the people find that they think are interesting, including my friends who also use it.  One of the things I found on it that I loved was a set of family rules that was painted onto a wooden board and then hung in the living room.  I searched for more on the site and found lots of fun ideas. 
After compiling a list of rules for us and then narrowing it down I took a large picture frame (quite large) and measured the glass inside.  I then got on my lappy and started working on my Silhouette's program.  It took a while to choose fonts and do the layout, but it was actually the most fun part for me.  I then cut out the words in premium adhesive vinyl.  I did it in two sections to make it fit and use the least amount of the vinyl - it's not cheap so I try to really work how I lay it out so as not to waste any.  I weeded away the stuff I didn't want, slapped on some transfer paper, and then placed it onto the glass.  Their vinyl goes onto glass so easily and smoothly.  It's awesome.  I may add something in at the bottom still - either a flourish or another rule.  I also haven't decided if I want to put some fabric or paper in the background or just remove the back so you can see the wall.  Regardless, I am loving how it has turned out so far.


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