Trip So Far

When Glenn told me he had to go to New Mexico for a week for business I wasn't thrilled, but he looked up flights and decided that Olivia and I should come along.  Since the company pays for almost everything - hotel, rental car, and Glenn's flights and food, and Olivia flies free on our lap, it was actually pretty feasible.  Glenn's been traveling a lot in the last few months but it really is unusal for him to do it this much.  Because of that we feel like we should take advantage of the opportunity for us to travel together cheaply, even if he does have to work much of the time. 
I thought I'd give a few highlights from our trip so far.  We drove 2 hours to the Omaha airport, flew to Dallas, had a 4 hour layover, flew to Albuquerque, and then drove almost 4 hours to Portales, NM.  Olivia did really well.  On both flights we managed to find an extra seat for Olivia and it made a big difference.  She is not a big an of sitting on laps.  Another thing we found that helps is that we let Olivia watch a show called Blast! on a laptop.  You can see the video of her watching it on my previous posts.  We haven't really let her watch TV up to this point but I was glad to let her if it kept her from screaming.  :)  It has lots of fun brass and drum music with the musicians dancing around while they play.  I'm so thankful that Auntie Kim let us borrow it! 
We also borrowed some books from the library and from Kim so Olivia would have something new to look at.  They kept her attention much better than ours from home probably would have.
Olivia did not take a nap all day until we got on the shuttle bus to go and get our rental car.  Within seconds she had passed out in Glenn's arms and stayed asleep in her stroller and then in the carseat for about 25 minutes.  She was awake nearly the whole drive to our hotel then, but she did so well!  I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to head off all the meltdowns during the day.

This morning we went swimming.  Olivia loved it.  She really is such a water baby, but that makes sense considering both sides of the family love to swim.
After swimming, lunch, and naptime I decided to try painting Olivia's toenails with some quick-dry polish.  Even with Glenn's help and a blow-drier we still had some interesting smudges, but I still love how they turned out. 

We drove to a larger town nearby for supper tonight and went to IHOP.  Olivia's two favorite foods are eggs and cheese so we ordered her a cheese omelet off of the kid's menu.  It came with a fruit bowl and we discovered that Olivia does not like watermelon or cantaloupe.  You can see that she's getting quite good at feeding herself with utensils.
One of the stores we visited had some nice board books for only $3, which is a really good price.  I bought Olivia a couple to give her something else to keep her occupied during the week.  I picked out one for her to read on the way back to the hotel and she happily read out loud to us most of the 20 minutes back.

Bedtime is not going so well right now.  Let's just say I got to wash puke out of one pair of pajamas and a blanket in our bathtub...  Praying she will go to sleep soon!


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