Meal Plan for The Week

On the menu this week:

Monday - Homemade pizza (well, I use Trader Joe's pizza dough that I freeze and then thaw when I need it) with hamburger and/or turkey pepperoni (pepper-ponies if you are Olivia).

Tuesday - Chicken and sausage paella using this recipe.  I always have leftovers and they taste great!

Wednesday - I'm working at the library, so Glenn will be taking the girls out before church.

Thursday - Black bean and bacon soup using this recipe - Deena's birthday dinner at the Tandy's and we're doing a soup night where people will bring several kinds of soup.

Friday - Asian Meatball Subs, courtesy of Food Network, found here.

Saturday - Leftovers!

Sunday - We'll be at my folks' house all day!  Mom is making prime rib - woohoo!

For breakfasts we will have cereal or oatmeal with fruit.

For lunches we eat turkey, scrambled egg and cheese, or PB&J sandwiches or eat leftovers.  Occasionally I will make a mac and cheese because Olivia loves it so much.  Usually I throw in some more fruit or carrot sticks.  Really I just try to have some things on hand and go with what sounds good.


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