Gratituesday: It IS a Girl!

We are happy to announce that we are indeed having another girl!  Baby looked great today at about one pound.  She has her head nestled down against my right hip and had her legs crossed at the ankles for a few pics, which was pretty cute.  Her hands were always moving and when the tech was trying to get a picture of the top of her head she kept shaking it as if to say, "Stop poking me!"  She did not hold still for any great ultrasound pics, but at least she cooperated enough for us to find out what gender she is.  Score another one for Dr. Ray's test! 
The cervical ultrasound also looked good so no bed-rest for me as of now!  I continue to petition you for prayers that this baby will be born full-term and healthy.  I still cannot imagine dealing with another NICU baby, especially having a 2 year old to deal with on top of it.  I know we would make it through - I'd just really prefer to not have to!


Stacia Hamidi said…
Prayers already started and will be continued! Excited for you, Glenn, and Olivia! :)

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