I'm a Project Making Machine

I did a few more projects tonight.  I know it seems like I am just cranking out the shirts and onesies but I'm having a blast and I have a lot of gifts I need to do lately.  I'm actually just about out of pink and blue heat transfer material and I'll need to order some more soon if I want to do shirts for Olivia and all her cousins going to camp this year.  I'm thinking about ordering different colors but I'm not sure.  The pink and blue work really well for onesies so I can do a lot of baby gifts.
My Grandpa Don is turning 85 this month and we are having a big family celebration this weekend for him.  I made this shirt for him because he is an awesome grandpa and I love him dearly.  He is one of the sweetest and kindest men I know, plus he is super funny.  We're hoping to get him to wear it during his party.

The tank top is for Olivia.  I am loving the black/silver glitter heat transfer material.  Funnily enough even though I have made a bunch of stuff for her she hasn't really worn much of it.  This is because I bought a bunch of long-sleeved shirts for her to wear this fall and winter and they are in a bigger size.  Because the heat transfer material does not use a carrier sheet I'm not sure if you can use pieces that aren't nine inches wide.  This meant that if I only did the tank top I would waste a big chunk of material.  This stuff isn't cheap (a 9 inch by 36 inch piece is $15) so I absolutely HATE to waste any.  I decided to just go ahead and do a onesie  so I quickly resized my design and threw it on one of the light pink onesies.  I have a certain person in mind for this onesie if she finds out she is having a girl, but if not I always seem to have a friend having a baby these days.      


Amanda S. said…
Hey i have been eyeing some stuff on this website and i thought they were reasonably priced for doing projects.


I'm not sure where you get your iron on material but is this a good price or not? Amanda Swett

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